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Dr. Jenna Zatz (Co-Founder)

Dr. Jenna Zatz is co-founder of Embrace Wellness.  Jenna values equitable opportunities for all individuals to achieve confidence, success, and overall wellness across all domains of life.

Jenna received her B.A. in dance and psychology from Rutgers University, which was followed by pursuing her masters degree in special education.  After working in the education field as a self-contained teacher, Jenna saw a need in increasing equitable opportunities for individuals with disabilities and educating individuals without disabilities on how to be more inclusive in an authentic and meaningful way.

Following these realizations, Jenna received her doctorate in Special Education from Rutgers University where she examined the association between life skills instructional components and employment opportunities for individuals with autism.

Through pursuing her degrees and merging her passion for movement and fitness, Embrace Wellness was formed.  Jenna is excited to work with every client that walks through her doors! 

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