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Safety and Wellness

We are so excited to welcome you!  Please ensure you fill out the intake form above so our educators can properly place the client in a successful environment.

In order to provide a safe environment for all individuals at Embrace Wellness, eligible participants in group settings are those that: 


  • Do not engage in aggressive, destructive, and/or self-injurious behaviors (including but not limited to spitting, hitting, throwing, kicking, elopement - leaving the group/vicinity, hair pulling, etc.)

  • Do not engage in behaviors that poses a threat to the mental and physical health and safety of others or themselves

  • Can successfully transition between preferred and non-preferred activities without engaging in negative behaviors that include but are not limited to screaming, dropping/flopping, resistance/not listening, or eloping (leaving the group/vicinity)


Each participant will be considered for personal sessions on a case by case basis.

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